Photographing Children Policy

For your peace of mind and security all representatives of Event Images by Mel Parry are fully CRB checked, and furthermore we have the following ‘Photographing Children Policy’ which we adhere to fervently:

1 On no occasion shall Event Photography by Mel Parry have sole access to children.

2 We shall use only verbal commands for setting-up posed images.

3 If requested, chidren's images on this website can be password-protected. The password will be given to event organizer/club manager at the time of the event or later.

4 The above password will not be given to anyone else. Any requests will be passed on to the event organizer/club manager.

5 Mel Parry Photography will at all times during the event wear an identity badge and be recognizable.

6 No images of children will be sold or given to local or national press without the strict permission of the event organizer.

7 Pictures will only be taken where children are appropriately dressed for their activity.

8 No pictures will be taken of any child should a parent/guardian or child request so - all images already taken of that child will be immediately deleted off the camera.

9 Should a parent/guardian or child request an image be taken off the website, this request will be complied with immediately.

10 No personal details will be accredited to any image.

11 All images on the website will be disabled to prevent unauthorised copying and image manipulation.

12 No member of Event Photography by Mel Parry will drink alcohol, smoke or use inappropriate language in front of children at any event.

13 No photographic or image capturing equipment will be taken into any changing room.

14 All representatives of Event Photography by Mel Parry will have no criminal record.